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Dedicated Bankable EIN Credit with No Personal Guarantee!

We, at Capital Ventures & Publishing, in partnership with J. Galt have worked tirelessly over the last few years to build a program that will allow your business to build Tier 4 Corporate credit giving access to incredibly large tradelines at minimal interest rates and eliminate personal guarantees!

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Corporate credit is one of the most understated, underdiscussed, unpublished powerful assets a business or business owner can have access to. A strong corporate credit profile is key to competing with other businesses in your industry on a national stage.

When a strong credit profile has been established, usually over 8-15 years of intentional reporting, employing credit building strategies and meeting unpublished underwriting criteria, the business owner may achieve Tier 4 corporate credit status which means the credit bureaus & institutions consider your EIN number bankable on its own.

When a business's EIN is considered bankable at Tier 4, the business owner is no longer personally liable or responsible for the leverage, tradelines, or liabilities of the business. The business itself can acquire large 7 figure tradelines, have access to low economy supporting interest rates and employ virtually risk-free expansion strategies or acquisitions.

The tradeline limits of Tier 4 are often 100 times the size of personal credit limits and allow for the EIN of the business to act as the primary responsible party to any credit, loans, tradelines used, your EIN may even carry mortgage notes and property.

Credit cards, lines of credit, term loans, AR financing, lines of credit, PO financing and real estate financing + more!

Our Offer

To build you a near perfect business credit profile, walking you to Tier 4 Corporate Credit on your EIN number, eliminating personal guarantees and opening access to large tradelines at minimal interest rates in 12 months or your money back!

  • Cashflow mapping
  • Intentional reporting with all three bureaus
  • Extensive vendor & lender access
  • Asset protection
  • Yearly business evaluations
  • Regular professional credit and financial consulting
  • Tier 4 corporate credit access

Our clients receive white glove concierge style service in establishing your company's business credit profile with all three major credit reporting agencies and each month we will work with you to meet the unpublished underwriting criteria the credit bureaus follow!

How to Build Credit on your EIN

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