Your trusted partner for full-service Business Consulting

We at Capital Ventures & Publishing are dedicated to helping existing business owners scale their business through acquisitions and mergers as well as comprehensive consulting, deployable sales, marketing, and automation strategies.

  • Our Comprehensive marketing strategies go beyond agency work. We work with our clients to identify multiple steams of monetization within their sectors to deploy modern digital marketing strategies that captivate their target audiences and produce an endless flow of new customers.

    Aggressive outbound and inbound strategies based entirely on performance by ROI as the metric. All strategies & implementations are designed to scale top line revenues and support industry expansion.

    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Programmatic Advertising & Ad Spend Management
    • Funnel Design & Deployment
    • Content
    • Social Media Content & Management
    • Sales Manufacturing
  • Ready to retire or make your exit? We here at Capital Ventures & Publishing cater to those business owners who are ready to exit their existing business.

    Our team of M&A experts will prepare you and your business ahead of packaging so your financials, business model and industry poisoning are ready to be acquired by a buyer. Once packaged we will do all the leg work and find the perfect buyer for your business.

    • Free 30 Minute Consultation
    • Business Evaluation & Packaging
    • The Perfect Exit Strategy
    • Execution
  • We are passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams through the utilization of our deep industry knowledge and use of strategies with a proven track record of success.

    Our consulting centers around organization, optimizing procedures, creating business industry partnerships, and implementing tech that take you from “working in” your business to “working above it”. We are committed to helping you breach the ceiling so you can reach new heights with personal freedom.

    • Sales Training
    • Market Research
    • Leadership
    • Full Business Automation
    • Franchising & Licensing
    • + more
  • We believe in our business owners and understand that expansion capital is the fuel that drives the impact you wish to make.

    Our extensive network of finance partners offering traditional financing, paired with non-traditional strategies of capital injection will ensure that your expansion acquisition or company project has the capital it needs to continue to be successful.

    • SBA Lending
    • Private Loans
    • Venture Capital
    • Crowdfunding
    • Angel Investors
    • Grant Writing